Pink flowers against a blue sky

Pink flowers against grey barnboard

Anybody able to identify these pretty pink posies? They’ve popped up at the corner of the driveshed. I have no idea whether they’re wild or domestic. I do think they’re extremely pretty, however.

13 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. I think your Auntie Anne should reply – she probably knows what they are. They really are pretty and obviously perennials!

  2. I hopped over here from DIYDiva, and here I can help you with your question : ). It’s a dahlia. I love dahlias, but have trouble growing them in my Texas heat.

    Off to discover more of your blog now!

  3. Dahlias are one of those flowers that breeders have gone nuts over, so now they come in any number of sizes, shapes, colors, from quite small and delicate, to huge. To my eye, that flower shape you show is distinctive. However, since you’re in Canada, it’s possible it’s a flower I’m not at all familiar with. But I’m pretty convinced it’s a dahlia.

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