We’re definitely not in the emerald city, but last night somewhere over the emerald fields and out beyond the verdant green forest, we had a beautiful rainbow.

Rainbow over a green hayfield

It has been a very rainy week—a rainy spring, in fact—so I’m hoping this rainbow is a sign that the weather is taking a turn for the better.

Fortunately, the farm is not plagued by any flying monkeys. However, we do have enough mosquitoes to carry off a small dog or a full grown woman, so heading out into the hay fields to take pictures of rainbows is hazardous.

Mosquitoes biting my hand

Raindrops, mosquitoes, even flying monkeys, bring it on.

There is absolutely no place like home.

8 thoughts on “Oz

  1. What a beautiful picture! We have not had many mosquitos here yet, but we have been plagued by buffalo gnats! They are awful they bite and give you terrible welts! It makes you dread going outside unless it is windy!

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