Fuzzy buzzy

Our huge Rose of Sharon bush outside the dining room window is in bloom. Honestly, as beautiful as it is, I wasn’t going to do a post about it because, really, it’s just another picture of a pretty flower.

Rose of Sharon blossom

But then I saw a fuzzy bumble bee pollinating the blossoms. He was completely dusted in pollen, so I of course had to take his picture.

Bee pollinating Rose of Sharon flower

It may seem sappy, but seeing this industrious fellow–and the hummingbrids which also love the Rose of Sharon–reminds me that mother nature is pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “Fuzzy buzzy

  1. Mother nature is indeed the coolest thing we have. Always reminding us of the great cycle of life and our inherit interdependency with all of our environment — animal, vegetable or mineral This from a person who has an over-developed fear of bees and bee like creatures!~) That is a polite way of saying “I freak out”!

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