One Room Challenge Week 4 – Update sliding closet doors with beadboard wallpaper

Progress picked up over the last week in the master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge. Mostly because for at least some of the time my workforce tripled.

Saturday morning, my parents showed up, wallpaper tools in hand. They were there to help me cover our severely beat up closet doors.

Here’s a summary of the projects so far in the master bedroom:

The One Room Challenge has been hugely helpful in getting this makeover moving after my motivation waned. The room is coming together. Which brings us to this week’s task: the closet doors.

The doors appear to have had a number of things taped to them in the past. When the tape was pulled off, so was the finish on the doors.

Master bedroom closet

My decorating philosophy at the farm is every room needs touch of something rustic. This bedroom is not at all rustic, but a touch of country would be appropriate.

Beadboard wallpaper would work.

I have never installed wallpaper. I’ve removed a lot of it, but never gone the opposite direction. I figured I’d need an extra pair of hands, so I decided to make sure the hands were experienced and called in my parents.

My parents measuring and cutting beadboard wallpaper

As she was brushing the paste onto the closet doors, my Mom recalled hanging grasscloth wallpaper in their first house in the late 1970s–on trend 35 years ago and on trend today.

Brushing wallpaper paste onto the closet doors

She also recalled cherry wood beadboard lining the stairwell at the farm where she spent summers when she was growing up. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? This wallpaper is not quite the same, but it’s a good shortcut in my opinion.

The wallpaper went up really quickly, especially with three of us working on it. (As you can see, Baxter was his usual helpful self). In less than two hours, the doors were all covered.

Beadboard wallpaper on sliding closet doors

Even though they were white-ish before, the wallpaper makes such a huge difference. The room looks so much fresher. And the vertical stripes make the doors look wider too in my opinion.

Beadboard wallpaper on a sliding closet door

It’s been awhile since my parents and I have worked together. It was really nice to have their help. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I’ve been working on my own for the rest of this week, but I’ve still been productive. The headboard is almost finished–good thing because I need to get it out of the guest room so my brother-in-law can sleep there this weekend–and the electrician is here today to work on the lighting. We’re getting there!

  • Buy a new bed – Done
  • Remove popcorn ceiling – Done
  • Patch ceiling and walls – Done
  • Paint ceiling, trim, doors and walls – Done
  • Make/find window treatments – Done
  • Build hookboards for behind the door – Done
  • Paint dresser and replace hardware – Done April 6
  • DIY a headboard – By April 12 19 24
  • Refresh dinged up closet doors – By April 19 Done April 18
  • Relocate light switch – Cross your fingers that the electrician doesn’t run into any problems today
  • Replace light fixture – I’ll get the electrician to do this while he’s here
  • Come up with a jewelry storage solution – By April 26
  • Sew a bedskirt – By May 3
  • Decorate and personalize – Ordered prints April 6. I’m still waiting for them to arrive. Come on postal service!

Only two weeks to go. Visit Calling it Home and cheer on the other participants as they head into the homestretch on the One Room Challenge.

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28 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 4 – Update sliding closet doors with beadboard wallpaper

  1. I love it!!!! So I had been planning to do the exact same thing to the closet doors in the office because I have SO much beadboard wallpaper left from using it in the kitchen, and now this makes me want to even more! Sadly I also have to paint the frames on my doors because they’re a weird greenish gold. Yuck. I love how it turned out, Julia! And yay! I can post comments again!!!

    • I was pretty impressed with the WP. It’s pretty heavy in weight. It almost feels a bit vinyl-y (but not in a bad way). It’s a bit cushy too, so I found it dented a bit, but then puffed back up. I used the Martha Stewart brand from HD.

  2. i have been seriously debating using this beadboard wallpaper as a backsplash of sorts in our kitchen…..this looks great and i agree…the doors look wider! can’t wait to see more

    • I’m glad it’s not just me who sees the optical illusion!

      For a kitchen backsplash my only worry would be that the WP doesn’t hold up to water or spills or wiping–I have nothing to base that worry on, and the paper seems pretty durable on the closet doors. If you’re a tidier cook than me, you might be okay. I would definitely suggest painting it so that you have a little more protection.

  3. This looks great! I’m planning to wallpaper for the first time as part of my ORC too. I’m excited to see the rest of your room! Good luck with your next few projects! 🙂

    • He’s a very hard-working puppy. He worked with the electrician for awhile yesterday. It was a new electrician for us, and fortunately he likes dogs. I was downstairs doing my own work, and all I heard was, “Good dog. What a good dog!”

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