It may not look like much–especially considering that there’s still carpet lying over the weeds–but the first plants are in the garden.

First plants in the garden

We’re still waiting on our hand-me-down tiller to arrive, but that didn’t stop Matt from coming home with a dozen tomato plants and 4 red pepper plants. So that meant I got out the pitchfork and went to work to dig out the weeds in a corner of the garden by hand.

It was just a small corner, but it was home to two heaping wheelbarrows-full of weeds. The roots didn’t go deep, but they snaked along just under the surface making a thick dense mat. I really hope the rototiller is able to break up the ground. It didn’t take me as long as I thought to pull out the weeds by hand, but doing the whole garden by hand will not be fun.

So you’re still seeing a few weeds and grasses and roots strewn through the dirt. But you’re also seeing tomatoes and peppers.

First plants in the garden

The garden has begun!

How is your garden growing?

6 thoughts on “Planted!

  1. Sometimes, you just have to get them in the ground! And now you will have some tomatoes and peppers!

    Our garden is doing great! We really really could use a rain, though.

    I still need to plant some pumpkins but I am going to wait a couple more weeks.

  2. Yay, you started! That’s a huge step. 🙂 Sharon has been going great guns in our garden this year and it’s starting to look wonderful. Not the veggie garden (which is like, waist high grass) but the flower beds. We do have two tomatoes and some lettuce planted in pots by the door.

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