Bounty of berries

This year is an incredible year for raspberries. We have canes growing all around the farm, and they’re all loaded with tiny berries.

Black raspberries

Black raspberries

I’ve never picked this many berries any of our previous summers.

Black raspberries

It took me awhile to pick them–not just because there were so many. I had to do it all one handed because this was happening on my other side. Oh Ralph, so helpful.

Ralph getting scratches

After harvesting the berries, I decided to harvest some canes. The plan is to have two rows of raspberries in the vegetable garden: one red and one black. I had already started the red row with canes from my parent’s garden,and they’re doing well. A few days after transplanting, though, the black canes aren’t looking so hot.

Black raspberry canes

Wilted black raspberries

I’m hoping I can convince them that they’ll be happy in the garden. I also have hopes that with a little domestication, hydration, fertilization and cultivation, I’ll not only have healthy canes but big and juicy berries.

Do you grow raspberries? Are they black or red? Who else has a four-legged helper for picking? Any tips for domesticating “wild” berries?

4 thoughts on “Bounty of berries

  1. We have a couple of black raspberry bushes here too. I did not have very many berries this year. In all fairness, I mostly ignored the bushes too. 😀 I have no tips or tricks…yet. Maybe next year!

  2. We just planted our first raspberries this spring. Some are red and some are golden. I don’t have any tips either, except I know we have to put up something for them to climb up.
    What is the difference between black raspberries and blackberries? They look identical. Your berries are gorgeous!

    • In my experience the blackberries have been much bigger and a little oblong. The black raspberries are shaped exactly like regular raspberries. That’s how I distinguish them, but it’s probably nothing official.

      I have plans for a trellis/cage to keep them contained. Mine all need to grow a bit bigger before I build that though!

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