Deep thoughts on DIY from the dog

I’m excited to share that I’m now a regular contributor to This gives me an outlet to write about dog training, care and of course my favourite dude, Baxter. You can read all of my posts at ThatMutt here. My latest post went up on earlier this week. A slight variation is below.

“I’d help you put up those curtain rods, but I don’t have a drill.”

Uh-huh? What about no thumbs, no vertical reach and a tendency to spend most of your time asleep, dude?

Baxter installing curtain rods

“You think a paintbrush makes up for not giving me a drill? This pooch likes power tools, lady.”

Baxter and his paintbrush

“Oh, and you made fun of my thumbs and my height. You’re on your own for painting that mirror. This is what I think of your paintbrush.”

Baxter avoiding painting

“Ahhhh… dreamland, where doggies have drills… and thumbs.”

Baxter dreaming of not painting

With Baxter’s help (or perhaps despite it), the guest room is now done. The reveal is coming up next.

4 thoughts on “Deep thoughts on DIY from the dog

  1. You did give him a super comfy looking bed, though! He looks pretty happy with it. I’m looking forward to the guest room reveal. I absolutely love that wall colour, that I know!

    • He usually loves to be where the action is. Today the action was out in the field cutting up a fallen tree. There was rain, ice pellets, mud and finally wet snow. Puppy was more than ready to go back to his bed by the time we finished!

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