Icy Easter

Hello. How was your weekend? Did you have a good Easter?

Our Easter weekend ended up being extra long thanks to an ice storm that rolled through our area on Thursday. The storm closed both Matt’s and my work and turned off our electricity for 9 hours.

By Good Friday, the freezing rain had stopped, but temperatures had not risen, and a thick coating of ice covered everything.

Spring ice storm

Spring ice storm

Spring ice storm

Just days into spring, and our lilacs had their new green growth encased in ice.

Spring ice storm

The ground was covered in ice chunks from the trees and bushes.

Spring ice storm

Icicles dripped off the back of the bird feeder and at the front there was a steady queue for the only food available.

Icicles on the birdfeeder

In the garden, icicles hung from the top fence rail and the chainlink was augmented with its own icy shield.

Spring ice storm

Fortunately, we didn’t have much damage. The worst was losing just a few branches off the pine trees.

Spring ice storm

The weight of the ice is incredible. Normally, we can walk easily under these branches that are touching the ground.

Spring ice storm

Down the driveway, more branches overhung far enough that Baxter could reach them.

Spring ice storm

Temperatures finally started to rise on Saturday afternoon. Ice slid off the roofs and the cars in sheets. Slowly the branches returned to their usual heights as the trees shed their icy casings, shards shattering into the ground.

By yesterday, Easter Sunday, the farm was back to normal.

What was the weather like where you are? Did you do anything special this weekend? How did you celebrate Easter?

10 thoughts on “Icy Easter

  1. It’s a shame that ice can be so destructive, because it sure is beautiful!

    We had Easter lunch at Steve’s mom’s. The weather was great this weekend here, I mowed our yard for the first time this year. But we did have quite a storm come through last night.

    • You mowed the yard!?! That’s crazy!

      We had another big storm last night. Straight rain this time. But again, about a 9 hour power outage. And because of the rain and no power Matt stayed up a lot of the night bailing out our sump pump.

      What a weekend!

  2. Your poor lilacs! Hopefully they will recover. Ice storms are so dramatic, aren’t they?
    We had a very cold Easter egg hunt and brunch in the park yesterday morning with the grandbabies. We all wore our winter coats and scarves. But on Saturday and today it’s warm and sunny. (Naturally!)

  3. The amount of ice that settles on the spruce & pine trees is incredible, isn’t it? It just keeps building up on top of itself. We didn’t lose any limbs off of ours but I’m sure that would not have been the case had the storm lasted a bit longer. I’m glad that most of your trees weathered the storm ok.

  4. So pretty! And good boy, Baxter! Well, pretty much 68 and sunny here as always! We don’t do much to celebrate Easter. We have gone camping several times on Easter for the long weekend or we go on a long hike. This year we didn’t do either of those things, however. Just a normal Sunday.

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