Nesting instinct

We have a new tenant at the driveshed.

It took about a dozen false starts, but a robin has finally managed to construct a nest.

The start of birds nests at the front of the driveshed

Robin's nest

The streamers of grass waving over the door track caught the building inspector’s attention. Matt gave her a boost so that she could check the construction up close.

Ralph inspecting the birds nest

The mud wasn’t dry, but the robin got a pass nonetheless.

Robin's nest

Now she just needs to move in and start her family.

Is anyone constructing a new house where you are? Or do you have any birds sitting on nests? Who’s your building inspector?

4 thoughts on “Nesting instinct


    Finally I’ve figured this out! If you copy and paste the above link in your browser, you’ll see a photo of our hummingbird nest with two tiny eggs in it. The photo will probably be much bigger than in real life, as the nest itself is only about one inch across, and the eggs less than a centimeter. You can see Mama has used moss and dryer lint to make it soft, and she’s incorporated spider silk into the construction (which you can’t see) so the nest will expand as the babies grow. It’s pretty amazing! That pic was taken on April 4th, and at least one and probably both babies are here now. 🙂

    Your row of false nests is quite funny. I didn’t know robins used mud in their nests. Hopefully she will come back and use it!

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