Sarah in Illinois will be sharing her update in our Dueling DIY gardening challenge later this week. I couldn’t help sharing a small–very small–garden update of my own today.

We have sprouts!

Watermelon sprouts

Two of the seeds we planted last week have sprouted. These are sugar baby watermelons.

There are 36 little soil pellets in this container, so we have a lot more sprouts to go. And we have a long way to go until the garden is ready for these sprouts. Dueling DIY continues.

Do you have any sprouts at your house? Have you ever used pellets like this before? (This is our first time). Any watermelon growing tips?

4 thoughts on “Sprouts

    • It also sounds good as a pet name for Matt 🙂

      But ahem, back to the sprouts. We also planted Crimson Sweet seeds. No sprouts for these yet, but I’m keen to compare the tastes if we’re able to get fruit from both batches of seeds.

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