Trilliums, trilliums everywhere

The trilliums are out.We see them along the roadsides, at the edge of the fields and–this year–in our front garden.

Last year, I carefully transplanted a couple of plants into the front garden. One of them survived and is blooming this spring.

Transplanted trillium

It’s a bit remarkable to me how many are around the farm. Growing up, I very rarely saw trilliums–Ontario’s official flower–and it was a special occasion when I did.

Trilliums in the woods

Now, even though I see them more regularly, it’s still special. Especially when it’s right outside my front door.

Have you ever successfully transplanted a wildflower into your garden? Do you have any elusive flowers in your area? What’s your state (or provincial) flower?

4 thoughts on “Trilliums, trilliums everywhere

  1. So pretty! It’s lucky that the flower survived, I think it’s a bit difficult to transplant wildflowers. I managed with some moss and a couple of ferns in my last home. I’m not sure which flowers are elusive here: there are so many flowers everywhere that it’s hard to imagine which ones might possibly be absent! Our provincial flower is the dogwood, The trees are so pretty. We had one in our last house as a memory of my dad, since it was his favorite tree, but don’t have one here.

  2. I start my seeds in 4 or 6-cell trays, so if I get two seedlings in one, it’s very easy to separate the roots when I transplant them into peat pots. I didn’t have good luck with the peat pellets so quit using them. As for wildflowers, I have transplanted red and white trilliums and jack-in-the-pulpits into my yard, with great success (to the point where I may be giving away some jacks). I also moved a trillium I can’t identify for sure, and it’s done extremely well.

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