Marble tulips

White and red tulip

We have some beautiful tulips in the gardens this spring.

The striations remind me a bit of marble.

I think it’s neat to compare the gentleness of a flower with the solidity of stone, and see the similarities between the two natural forms.

White and red tulip

Yellow and red tulip

Red and white tulip


9 thoughts on “Marble tulips

  1. They really are beautiful! I think that should remind us that even though we are “working”* in our gardens, we need to stop and enjoy it. *Someone told me that if it was more work than enjoyment, you should stop gardening!

  2. Tulips are one of my favorite Spring flowers and I don’t have a single one on our property! I am going to have to make a fall bulb shopping list. Your’s is absolutely beautiful Julia. I love the marbling.

    • My sister’s birthday is in September, so the first year she and her husband moved to their new house, I bought her a whole bunch of tulips. I like knowing that they’ll come up year after year… and maybe remind her of me!

  3. I love seeing the patterns between completely different things in nature. Like lightning and veins and river deltas, that kind of thing. I’m not a hugely religious person, but I do have my own spiritual beliefs, and one is that if we can see patterns on such different levels, they must repeat smaller than we can possibly detect and larger than we can possibly imagine. I find it somehow both interesting and comforting!

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