September garden update

Look! We grew a puppy again!

Baxter in the garden

We grew a lot of other things too. Yet again, this garden is crazy productive.

Sicilian Saucer tomatoes

Purple peppers

Butternut squash

First year grape vines




Acorn squash

Red potatoes

The puppy didn’t fit in the basket.

Not pictured are the zucchinis that just won’t stop and hundreds of cherry tomatoes (I roasted a bunch last night for all kinds of goodness).

What’s growing in your garden?




12 thoughts on “September garden update

  1. What amazing bounty!! Seems like horse rings must have wonderful soil. What are those purple peppers? I’ve not seen any that colour before.
    We are finishing the last of our tomatoes and waiting for our two squashes to be big enough. So not a lot, but the tomatoes and green onions have been very productive all summer. Also we’ve got lots of fresh herbs, which should continue throughout the winter as well.
    The most extraordinary thing that you grew was that puppy! Special indeed. 🙂

    • We got a mix pack of pepper seeds. They turned out to be just green and purple bell peppers. We’ve actually not tried the purple ones yet. I assume they’re going to taste like peppers.

      It’s lovely that you’ve had some homegrown goodness.

  2. What’s growing in my garden? Not much. The heat killed off all the onions days after I planted them, and a deer has eaten the green bean and tomato plants three or four times. I picked two ripe tomatoes today, and have been picking cherry tomatoes for a couple of weeks. The beets seem to be all leaves and no beet. This was not a great year for my garden. Yours looks wonderful!

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