That time my husband dropped a 2×4 on my head

Or, as Matt tells the story, the time I followed too closely behind him while he was carrying–and dropping–lumber.

Head wound

Saturday afternoon was fall cleanup day here on the farm.

Remember this pile of lumber that I cleaned up back in the spring? I was so proud. I am woman, hear me roar.

Lumber pile at the edge of the field

Field after clearing the lumber pile

However, I really only did half the job. I brought it over to the barn, but not actually into the barn. I dumped it beside the silo.

Lumber piled outside the barn

Putting it into the barn was one of the tasks on my (mental) fall to-do list. After mucking all of the old straw and manure out of the stalls last fall, we have lots of extra space, and I knew one of the empty stalls would be perfect to corral all of this lumber.

I recruited Matt to help me, and we moved 6x6s, 4x4s, 2x8s, barnboard siding and assorted other lumber–including a few pesky 2x4s–into the barn. There is so much lumber, yet it takes up barely a quarter of a stall. Horses are big animals, people.

Lumber piled in a horse stall

Along the way we picked up the leftover fence posts that have sat by the garden all year, some other lumber, some metal posts–five piles in all.

Trailer loaded with old fence posts

I’m so happy that the property is looking just a wee bit tidier. Next year when we mow these new areas, it will look even better. I’m not sure Matt is quite as enthused yet. Especially since he’s our main mower.

Lumber pile cleaned up beside the silo

My husband knows me so well. When we came into the house at the end of the day, he asked me, “How much of that did you have planned, woman? I thought we were just moving the one pile by the silo when I agreed to this. I want to re-examine the contract. I think I might sue.”

I admitted that I had planned for three out of the five piles–the other two were just a bonus. I also reminded him of the original contract, which says, “for better or for worse.”

How did you spend your weekend?

12 thoughts on “That time my husband dropped a 2×4 on my head

  1. Awesome! To get 5 piles cleaned up can make you feel great! (And tired!) I would be walking by the now empty spots for the next weeks with such pride if it were me! Just think of all you can build with that collection too!
    I worked on cleaning up the roadside fence line until the sun went down (only worked for about an hour) but was completely exhausted! I have much more to do on it but will be full of pride when I drive by, when it’s all done and looks nice.

    • I’m totally doing that! I always walk by and peek at projects after I’ve finished them.

      I can’t even imagine cleaning up our fence lines. They’re so overgrown and tangled. What a huge job, but it will look amazing when it’s done. Good luck!

  2. One of us always gets injured during projects, I don’t think there is any other way to do it. 😉

    I bet that is such a good feeling to know that if you need wood for a project is is easy to get to and cleaned up from the yard.

    Over the weekend I mowed our yard one last time, covered the strawberries with straw, and threw out the pumpkins that were decorating our front step that had started to rot. I got a lot done!

  3. Tell Matt you will counter sue – a personal injury claim. 🙂
    The farm is looking great! There are still angles and parts of it I’m seeing for the first time. 129 acres is really huge!

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