Digging in the dirt

Tulips in the garden

Dirt under the nails, dirt on my jeans, digging in dirt. It has started.

It felt so good to get out in the sunshine on the weekend and start to weed the flower gardens.

Considering that last year it didn’t start at all, I had a bit of work to do.

A full year without weeding meant the garden was overgrown 6 months ago. After everything died off over the winter, it looked terrible.

Overgrown flower garden

Two heaping wheelbarrows later, it looks better, but a little bare.

Cleared garden

There’s plenty of room to grow. And it seems like the bushes, irises, sedums, tulips and other plants are all alive. So it should fill in quickly.

How are your gardens looking? Have you done any weeding yet?

8 thoughts on “Digging in the dirt

  1. I find great satisfaction in filling the wheelbarrow with things that needed to be pulled out. The cleared space looks great. It feels so good to get my hands in the soil. We are still mostly covered in snow. Feel envious!

  2. You accomplished a lot! I like a job that makes a big transformation like that. Sharon has started out in our garden, but I have been busy with my final and editing papers for her and my stepdaughter. Now that it’s finally warming up here, all the spring flowers are blossoming together. Usually the trees start at the end of February, so they were all lined up in the starting gate when the gun went off at last, and the city is just a riot of colour and scent.

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