Makeover motivation from a mini One Room Challenge

It’s that time again. The One Room Challenge is taking over the blogosphere. It started last week and runs until May 10. More than 200 bloggers, 200 rooms and 200 inspiring makeovers.

I’m looking forward to all of the beautiful content arriving in my feedly over the next four weeks.

Once again this year, I’m not participating in the One Room Challenge. I’ve loved participating in the past and especially loved the results of our laundry room and master bedroom. But this time around, I don’t have a room ready for the six week timeline.

However, I do have a room mid-makeover. My office.

I’m thinking I can use the One Room Challenge and all of the activity of my fellow bloggers to motivate me to Finally. Finish. This. Room.

Office mid-makeover

So this is it. I’m setting a deadline, people. May 10. The office will be done.

Here’s my original to-do list, and where we’re at:

  • Scrape ceiling – Finished over the Christmas break–oh so long ago.
  • Paint ceiling, trim and walls – Finished over the Christmas break.
  • Add new shelf to closet – Finished and already filled.
  • Redo china cabinet and desk – Finished and partially filled.
  • Reupholster slipper chair – Finished and it’s oh so pretty.
  • Reupholster ironing board – Finished thanks to a lucky thrifting score.
  • Unpack all of my boxes and decorate – Started.

That last item is where I’ve been a bit stuck. I had so many boxes, which had been packed for at least five years–some of them longer. Also, decorating is kind of a big thing.

I know myself, and I know I’ll do better if I can break it down into smaller pieces.

So here’s the new to-do list of the remaining items:

  • Buy and install light fixture – I somehow forgot that I need a new light for this room since I removed and trashed the boob light that was here originally.
  • Unpack remaining boxes and organize china cabinet
  • Style china cabinet shelves
  • Sort and file paperwork
  • Install gallery wall #1
  • Install gallery wall #2
  • Reupholster seat of wooden chair

Totally doable, right? It’s mini compared to the full room makeovers other people are tackling through the ORC.

As slow as work has been on the office, it has been ongoing, even though I haven’t shared many updates. This weekend I made some progress on a few little shelves that will be part of the gallery walls.

Painting little shelves

I’m going to start sharing regular updates here to help myself stay on track. I’m not going to be sharing my makeover through the official ORC linkups on Calling It Home, though, because mine is so mini. I do encourage you to visit Calling It Home and checking out all of the projects for yourself.

And stay tuned here. Soon enough–with a little motivation from the ORC–I’ll be able to reveal the finished office. Four weeks to go.

Are you following any ORC makeovers? Official ones? Are you doing any makeovers yourself? How do you find motivation to finish off a makeover?

12 thoughts on “Makeover motivation from a mini One Room Challenge

  1. I have a room in mind to do a ORC but I am not ready now. It is time to be outside and there are a few supplies to purchase for the room I have in mind that I am not ready to spend money on right now. But maybe I will be ready for the next one. In the meantime I will live vicariously through the other challenges!

  2. I think this is a great idea! Two actually – one in joining in on the ORC momentum, and two in breaking your goals down. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress!
    ORC comes at a bad time of year for me to be doing a makeover, I’m usually busy with my studio and don’t have spare money at this time of year. Plus, this year I’ve been studying and working on a research report. There is no shortage of projects to be done, but they seem to happen when a whole lot of stars happen to line up.

  3. You can do it, Julia! The ORC is great for momentum. I have you to thank for pointing me to the ORC when you were working on your laundry room. 🙂

    • Cool! I didn’t realize that. You’ve totally embraced it. I can’t believe you have time to read blogs and comment when you’re in the middle of another makeover. This one feels very ambitious to me–but plaster intimidates me. Hope the wallpaper cooperated for you.

      • I allow myself about 30-45 minutes every day to drink my coffee and read blogs. 🙂

        This project is crazy ambitious. I daresay it’s stupid ambitious. LOL I started smaller for my first two ORC rooms in order to get a feel for what I could handle. Timing is good for the library this year, but I have my work cut out of me. eek!

  4. I love that this challenges encourages us to get motivated. Looking forward to seeing your project. I am participating in the guest challenge as well, feeling over whelmed but I’ll get through it. Good Luck!!

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