Sawing through the honey-do list

Since moving to the farm, I’ve discovered a few new favourite tools. One of these is the chainsaw. However, in our house the chainsaw is Matt’s and he’s the one who wields it. Due first to Matt’s broken arm and then to a hole in the oil tank on the saw, we’ve been chainsaw-less so far this year.

Matt’s arm is healed and almost back to full strength. He and his Dad fibreglassed the oil tank back together. And over the weekend he finally fired up the saw.

Low hanging branches, small trees that sprouted up in unwanted spots, dead wood have all been trimmed. Best of all, Matt went through the meadow and down to the pond.


Matt cutting suckers from an old stump

My view to the pond is continuing to clear. It seems like as soon as I abandoned hope of clearing the pond shore this year, that’s when we finally started this project.

Baxter looking down through the meadow to the pond

The pond

A few hours of work netted us the biggest burn/brush pile I think we’ve ever had. A tractor-size one. We also left a bunch of brush down at the pond to burn there.

Matt on the tractor in front of our burn pile

Collecting the brush was Mr. B’s favourite part. Or the trailer ride to get the brush was.

Baxter and I having a trailer ride

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Sawing through the honey-do list

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to FINALLY do a bunch of chores that have been hanging over you (in your case, literally!) for a long time? We did that too this weekend. We’re clearing a brush pile with the help of our friend’s truck, painting the bathroom and we fixed two broken shelves in the kitchen. The problems were there so long they had become part of the scenery, so I’m struck afresh by the improvements every time I go in those rooms.
    Your pond view is improving all the time!

    • Wow! That sounds even more productive than our weekend. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment–and also a feeling of relief knowing I’m not going to be knocking my head on all of these low-hanging branches when I do the mowing next.

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