Forsythia of ’14

Two weeks later than last year, six weeks later than our first year, our forsythia is finally in bloom… if you can call it that.

Frost-bitten forsythia

I think the harsh winter gave our forsythia frost bite. We have just a handful of yellow blossoms on the very tip of a few branches.

Frost-bitten forsythia

Rather than going golden this year, I think our bushes are going to straight to green. Green is better than the dismal grey days we’ve had so far. I think spring is here.

Has spring arrived at your house? Have any of your plants been frost bit?


11 thoughts on “Forsythia of ’14

  1. Last year at this time I was harvesting about 12 lb of rhubarb fromy garden. That seems weeks away at this point!
    All of our lilacs were also damaged in this awful Ontario winter and only a couple of tulips came up. Quite a disappointing spring!

  2. This winter killed one of my miniature rose bushes and both of our holly bushes. All three were fairly new plants so they hadn’t really gotten established yet, but they would have made it through a “normal” winter.

    We are definitely in Spring time here! Of course we are quite a bit south of you. And Summer unofficially starts next week with Memorial Day!

      • I really need to do research myself on holly bushes. We both wanted one, saw them on sale and bought a pair and stuck them in the ground. I really should have studied up a little bit first. I will have to do that then look for another sale!

      • Make sure you have one female and one male bush! We are planning on putting in a few in our back yard one of these days.

        Looks like winter took out some of our plants and our pool. I am thinking about getting a forsynthia bush after seeing how yours has been doing.

  3. So happy spring has arrived for you guys! Sure sounded like a brutal winter, and the gray colors do get old after a while. I hope you have a nice, warm week.

  4. The rhododendrons are out here, and it’s quite a show. I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors with my new job (1 1/2 – 2 hours a day, which is a lot for me), so I’ve been really soaking up the springiness of it all. I’m so glad you guys are finally getting there! Gosh, you’ve had an awful winter. Even little handfuls of blooms have to be better than more dirty snowbanks. o_O

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