Great gardening weekend, fall edition

We’re basically a month away from winter. Just enough time to squeeze in another weekend of work in the garden.

Never mind that winter is forecast to arrive on Saturday with our first snowfall of any substance.

Weekend weather

Back at the start of October, I said that I had four things I wanted to do in the garden before winter:

  • Hang the gate
  • Edge the garden
  • Put in raised beds
  • Spread manure

I’ve still not made great progress on any of these… except for one.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working my way through the barn, emptying the stalls of their manure. As of this morning, the score stands at 10 stalls done, 4 to go.

Cleaning out the stalls in the barn

The plan for the weekend is to clean out the remaining 4 stalls, and then Matt has pledged to till the manure into the garden (if the snow melts).

I’d still love to tackle the other items on my to-do list, but I’m willing to call this it for the year… maybe.

I’ll see how much snow we get.

What’s your plan for the weekend? What’s the forecast where you are? Have you seen any snow yet this year? What outside work are you trying to squeeze in before winter starts?

4 thoughts on “Great gardening weekend, fall edition

  1. Hi, Julia, What a nice barn and stables!! Do you plan on putting horses in your barn in the future? Great free fertilizer for your garden, too. Pls. share pics. of your beautiful snow, as it i a rare commodity here in S.C.

    • The barn and stables are beautiful. The previous owners did a great job of setting up the barn for their horses. We have no plans to get horses of our own. And honestly, after cleaning out the stalls, I really don’t want horses now!

      So far, none of the snow has stuck. It’s all melted as soon as it hits the ground. I will be sure to share our first winter wonderland.

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