Maintaining not building

Matt and I tilling the garden

Spring is a mad dash around the farm. There’s winter clean up, like picking up branches, and there’s summer prep, like putting the mower on the tractor. And before we know it, we’re weeding gardens, cutting grass and deep in the routine of outside work. I have this feeling that if I don’t get the gardens, lawn, trees, flowers, patio, barn, tractor, equipment, what-have-you set up right now, I’ll be behind all year.

However, this year it’s been feeling a wee bit different. It’s almost calmer. Almost.

For the first time, I feel a bit like we’re maintaining, rather than building.

Our first five years at the farm have been about so much work–reclaiming the overgrown property, establishing flowerbeds, making the vegetable garden. There are still pieces of that, but I feel a bit like the main parts are in place, and the way we work on the property is a bit more normal.

Overgrown flower garden

Cleared garden

Garden in bloom in June

I do have one big “building” project on my Home Goals list: clear the pond shore. When Matt broke his arm last month, we had to re-evaluate what we were going to be able to do this year. So the pond shore has been deferred. As the brush is already quite overgrown, I’m thinking it may be easiest to wait until next spring when it’s all died off again.

But good news, Matt gets his cast off today. And ready or not, summer has arrived.

It’s an ongoing battle to keep the farm somewhat civilized, but through a lot of work we’re in decent shape this year.

How’s spring going for you? How do you handle property maintenance at your house?

5 thoughts on “Maintaining not building

  1. At last the results of all your past years of work are coming together to form a whole that rolls irrevocably along with the seasons. You’re now part of that whole as well as being its co-creator along with the forces of nature. I think that’s the ancient equation of farm life!

  2. This spring was definitely a crazy “building” one for us, but your post is making me hopeful for the coming years. 🙂 We’re getting our systems in place, planting perennials, moved the bees in, got the duck run sorted out… so maybe just maybe next spring will not be quite so bonkers. Although knowing how I am, I’ll have new projects in mind by then, ha!

    • You’ve had a crazy spring. I’m impressed by how much you accomplished. I think spring on a property like this is always going to be a bit bonkers. This year has been different in terms of in previous years I felt like I was going insane and never going to recover, versus this year I’m still insane, but there’s a glimmer of sanity somewhere in there.

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