Finding our waterfront

Remember how clearing the pond shore was my one and only outdoor home goal for this year? And how at the mid-year report I said it wasn’t going to happen?

It’s happening, people.

Our keen 17-year-old nephew who loves being at the farm had a day off from his summer job, and he wanted to learn how to drive the tractor. If you’re driving the tractor, you might as well learn how to use the front end loader, the new rotary cutter and tow the trailer.

So I went through the basics of a hydrostatic transmission and what levers did what. We hooked on the rotary cutter and I pointed him at the pond.

Here’s how things were looking after last weekend’s mowing of the meadow. I swear there’s water on the other side of all of that grass and brush.

Overgrown brush on the shore of the pond

I was super impressed with our nephew. He was calm and confident and careful.

Mowing the overgrown grass around the pond

Mowing the overgrown grass around the pond

Loading firewood with the front end loader

A morning of work cleared about half the shore on the east side. The remaining thickets are hiding all kinds of logs and stumps. So we have more work to do, and I need to set Matt loose with his chainsaw, but the progress is awesome.

This vantage point still doesn’t show you much of the water, but I swear it’s there.

Clearing overgrown brush on the shore of the pond

Clearing overgrown brush on the shore of the pond

This deep in the summer, the pond is a little mucky, but it’s still my favourite part on the property.

Pond in the summer

Pond in the summer

Our nephew totally made my summer.

9 thoughts on “Finding our waterfront

  1. I see it! I see the water. 🙂 Hooray for teenagers! Maybe your nephew will want to come back and help again later.

    Congrats on knocking another big item off your to do list.

  2. Wow! What nice job he did!

    You might look into getting a grass carp for your pond. They clean up all of that green algae. Just do your research, because when we were young my dad bought 3 grass carp for his little pond and they removed every little speck of algae. And they got HUGE!!! He would have done well with just one.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I would definitely research carefully anything I introduce to our farm. I don’t want to disrupt the ecosystem. There’s a big marsh in the city near us, and carp became an invasive species that cleared out all of the vegetation so that it looks like a big lake, and many people don’t realize it should be a marsh. It’s been a multi-year process to try to regain the balance in the environment there.

  3. Aren’t young, strong men amazing? 😀 I miss the help we used to extract when my boys were younger yet old enough. Now they are busy with their own lives.
    Your pond is looking great! It’s going to be wonderful to have the shore cleared.

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