Vegetable garden 2021

This year in the garden we grew some stuff. Some of it we actually wanted to grow.

In my quest for low maintenance, we spread a bunch of cardboard and straw mulch around this spring. It did pretty well at keeping the weeds down… for a while. I have to realize that low maintenance does not mean no maintenance and every gardening method takes time and care.

The cardboard disintegrated (as it’s supposed to) and weeds came up. The weeds in our garden are obnoxious. Most of them are prickles, which are not fun to pull out. And since I didn’t pull any of them out, they grew big and then it became not fun to even walk in the garden.

Ellie and I did plant some things, though our seeds were old and we planted them late. Our yellow beans grew, but I didn’t notice because they were quickly consumed by our pumpkins. Our pumpkins were the bumper crop of the year. We got eight good sized white pumpkins. It was fun to grow these with Ellie and talk about the flowers and the fruit, watch them develop and then pick them together.

Sharing the garden with Ellie is the fun. She loves the raspberries and the grapes and eats them straight from the plants. Unfortunately, our raspberries weren’t super prolific and most of the grapes went to the birds.

A surprise late bloomer (literally) has been our blackberries. Our blackberries have never done very much, but this year we’ve had several pints. Our canes are finally multiplying and the weather has stayed mild long enough for the berries to ripen. The fruit is delicious. Very few berries make it to the house.

Someday we may have a lovely, productive, low maintenance (is there such a thing?) garden. I haven’t figured out how to make that happen yet. I pretty much accept that this is the season of life that we’re in right now. Instead, I enjoy the fun that we do have, from watching things grow to giving all of our families pumpkins to eating sun-warmed blackberries as big as my thumb.

How did your garden grow this year? What’s your favourite fresh-picked crop?


4 thoughts on “Vegetable garden 2021

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your blog for a couple years. I resonated with your gardening issues today – I’m not much of a gardener either. Your post reminded me of one I read on Jennifer Murch’s blog this summer about how her sister-in-law gardens. There were a couple good ideas I gleaned from this. Maybe it can encourage you too. Here’s the link:

    Keep taking things day-by-day. You’re so right about accepting the season you’re in and finding joy in that.

    • Thank you for following along for so long. I appreciate your comment and the link. I have not figured out the garden, but I’m trying and seeing new ideas is helpful. A former colleague of mine raved about his straw bale garden (and how easy it was). This summer we’ve driven past a house regularly that seems to have bales in their garden, so it’s something that I’ve been considering. All the best to you.

  2. I love this. Noticing and enjoying what’s there makes for a happier life in most circumstances! And Ellie is getting great experiences, some of which will become precious memories.

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