Hope grows in the garden

Our garden is already underway for 2022–despite waking up to snow on the ground yesterday. Spring, where are you?

Ellie received a set of gardening tools and many packets of seeds for her birthday. She was very excited to start planting, so we have a bumper crop of tiny watermelon plants living in the dining room. I’m hoping the weather warms up before they become big watermelon plants.

The rest of her seeds are all crops that can be sown directly into the garden.

I’ve also been pruning the grapes a little bit. The grapes have been neglected (as has the rest of the garden) and they’re getting a bit wild. A longtime blogging friend, Kit, inspired me to give them some attention. I’ve not pruned as much as Kit did, as I feel like the shock might kill the vines. But I’ve tidied them up a lot, so I’m curious to see how they do this season.

I also have a line on some mulch that I’m hoping will help to subdue some of the weeds.

I aspire to have a beautiful and productive farm garden some day. We have been so, so far from that for so, so many years. I’m hoping that we can make a bit of progress this year. Ellie is extremely excited by her gardening tools (highly recommend this gift) and enthused about being helpful in the garden. So maybe this will be the year.

Are you planning to grow any food this year? Have you started your garden yet?


8 thoughts on “Hope grows in the garden

  1. I can’t wait to see how her watermelons turn out!

    I have started broccoli from seed this year where I normally buy plants. I have several varieties of tomatoes started and I am not so patiently waiting for my pepper seeds to sprout.

  2. Gardening tools and seeds are a wonderful gift. Is Ellie excited about the baby watermelon plants?
    If one of the things that is preventing you from really getting out and gardening the way you would like to is the weeding, is it possible to hire that out a time or two? We did that before our wedding, and also once we hired someone to rototill the veggie garden for us. Someone might be glad of a bit of work away from people at this point in time, and you would have a cleaner slate to work with.
    I agree that the garden is such a place of hope!

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