Fun and games in the family room

Basement TV area

Way back when we started looking for our perfect farm, one of the things we wanted was a useable basement. Many farms come with old farmhouses which don’t typically come with great basements. Usually, there are rubble and stone foundations, shallow ceiling height, dirt floors and moisture.

One of the things that made this farm a winner was that it had a very, very useable basement. You saw the transformation on Friday of how we renovated the TV area. Today I’m delving into the details of how we decorated it.

It all started with these posters. These are Matt’s two favourite Monopoly properties. When I saw them on Lindsay’s blog, I knew I had to make them for him.

Monopoly posters

Theme is a bad word when it comes to decor, but we have a loose fun and games theme happening here in the basement. On the TV stand I made a die to serve as a bookend and on the ottoman we have a backgammon board tray.

I like these little pops of fun.

Dice bookend

Backgammon board tray

The other pop we have in the basement is colour. The base is neutral–the walls, carpet, couch, chair. The red throw, the green tray, the purple lamp and, of course, our pretty pillows all add personality.

The lamp sits on top of a wood cheese drum that came from Matt’s grandpa’s house. It’s too low to be used as a proper end table, but it’s the perfect height to give a bit of a glow when we’re sitting downstairs. And it’s the little touch of rustic that I’ve decided every room at the farm needs.

Purple lamp on a wood drum

I love these pillows. The stripe is bossy, a little bit retro and a perfect match to the bird fabric that  I used on our DIY ottoman (Crazy Ol Bird Midnight by Swavelle/Mill Creek). I love this bird fabric so much that I bought a lot of it, and I had plenty to make two pillows for the couch. (The stripe and the turquoise velvet pillows came with the couch).

Colourful pillows

The sectional is so comfortable. I love the chaise, I love that we have room for a huge number of people, I love that everyone can sit with their feet up. The ottoman also serves another purpose. The top hinges open to give us lots of storage.

Basement TV area after

The other half of the TV area holds–what else–the TV. My Dad and I made the TV cabinet five years ago when we were first putting the basement together. And it’s awesome.

TV cabinet with multiple video game systems

The goal with the TV cabinet was to hold all of Matt’s video game systems. He’s never been able to have them all hooked up at once, but here he finally does. There’s everything from old Nintendo and Sega to new Playstation and XBOX. The drawers hold games, controllers, cables and other accessories.

Video game TV cabinet

Beside the TV stand is the Austin chair that I won from Blogpodium. The boxy shape and grey fabric work perfectly with the rest of the TV area.

Chair with red throw

Baxter’s toys live in a basket under Austin–the basement is fun for everyone.

Dog toys

Our big renovation gave us a space. All of the little decorative details make the space. It’s personal and fun and perfect for us.

Basement TV area after

What’s your must-have for a fun family room? How do you feel about decorating themes? How do you mix neutrals and colour? Do you have a video gamer at your house? What are your favourite Monopoly properties?


6 thoughts on “Fun and games in the family room

  1. It’s wonderful – I love your decorative touches and your theme. Games in a rec room – makes perfect sense! Some themes do get carried to extremes, but this one is perfect.
    Now I see where Strandmon is. Sort of a little offshoot perpendicular to the laundry room offshoot, is that right?
    I very much enjoyed the term “bossy” as applied to the stripe. It is! I’d like to see the colours of it and crazy ole bird in the light of day, if you had a chance at some point to take a photo by a window. I just can’t quite grasp their colours in this light. (Is that a weird request? I’m a colour/fabric person, what can I say?)
    I liked Reading Railroad too. The other one that comes to mind is Pennsylvania Railroad. I guess I liked the railroads, who knew? There was another one I liked, but I can’t remember the name. Those Monopoly pictures are fabulous.
    I don’t have a gamer in the house anymore, but my boys both would have loved your set up, and probably still would, especially my younger son. It’s brilliant. No more messy paddles and systems and wires snaking all over and cluttering up the place!
    Well done – you’ve really created a place to be proud of and enjoy.

  2. With a fun family room, I think a game theme is perfect! I love that the theme is not overbearing but there are little touches everywhere. I am not a fan of themes in other rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom. Although I am sure it can be done tastefully, it’s just not for me.

    The kids have an xbox and Playstation, I have to dig out my old school Nintendo and Nintendo 64 occasionally, who doesn’t love Tetris?

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